Elizabeth Owen’s Bad Blood- Book Review #13

Title: Bad Blood

Author: Elizabeth A. Owen

Publisher: Twisted Karma Publishing

Format: Ebook, available on Amazon

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Completion time: 2 weeks

Elizabeth Owen’s Bad Blood – cover page

You know what happens after that fairytale romance you just read about in your latest novel? Me neither, but I suppose it’s full of laughter, bliss, and good vibes. Wouldn’t that be a nice thought to think? Sadly, life is much more practical. And it all comes together in Elizabeth Owen’s Bad Blood.

This book shows life after love. It is a reality check. Picking it up, I thought, oh well, the same old love story with a new twist. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a story of tears, love, tragedy, and even curses. It’s everything life is. The correct dose of a fairy tale with just enough reality.

Tragedy… Fate

Elizabeth Owen’s bad blood begins with the fairy tale and follows the characters through love, college, careers, their first house and even their first kid. It could have been a Disney movie till this point until differences come knocking. The love subsides, a lot of cheating and irresponsibility is involved.

While the adults are playing, their beautiful daughter is being played with by one of their friends. And it’s been going on for years. It all becomes evident when she gets pregnant, at 14. As a strong young woman, she decides to go through with it and offer the baby up for adoption.

Love on the Grey

On the other side of the world (okay, book), many years later, Julia has just moved into the palatic house across the lake from Trevor. A chance meeting on a long walk with her most recent friend chances their encounter. Its sparks at first sight and young love blossoms all summer. Nonetheless, fate comes to take what it’s owed and an accident leaves Julia an extremely wealthy heiress with amnesia.

Trevor stands by her, helping her through it and they eventually get married. But fate shuffled and dealt the cards way before they both were born. They are just pawns in the grand scheme of things. Julia dies in childbirth and their daughter has a rare heart condition that may kill her before she’s 5. Trevor’s adoptive parents promise to help, driving all the way to South Dakota to petition the unsealing of his adoption records.

Perfect story about a generational curse

Fate, Curses, and Redemption

Trevor finds what he’s looking for, but his past is of little help to his daughter with the rare blood type and a fatal condition (cardiomyopathy). Or so he thinks until he discovers his wife was adopted too. So the quest takes him on a much further journey. But he discovers more than he can handle.

I have learned to let go of what I cannot change by not letting pain hold me captive Click To Tweet

All the whys about the attraction that cost him his wife and the angry weather during their wedding are finally explained. It involves Jack the Ripper, a curse by a mad woman, cosmic restitution and an undestroyable book. You can discover the exact details of what Alex discovered by purchasing your own copy of Elizabeth Owen’s Bad Blood.

Elizabeth Owen’s Bad Blood

It is a combination of love, tragedy, daily life, curses, magic, and fate. Elizabeth even managed to throw in rape, teenage pregnancies, love at first sight, generational curses, and fate as the devil. It reinforced the idea that you cannot outrun your destiny, you cannot assume your past, and you are because they were.

Did I mention she is sweet as candy and extremely amicable to everyone? Visit her website or Goodreads to say hi, or to buy her book. Also, follow her on social media, she is quite active and you will be the first to know some of her other projects. Furthermore, this book is the first of three. Postings about the sequel should be on her sites too.

One More Thing

I admit I took way longer to read Bad Blood. It begins with a fairy tale romance and then things get worse from there. At a point, I even thought it was a 2in 1. (I never said I was a perfectly logical book reader). The pace is slow and only peaks at the end.

I mean, if you don’t fall in love with the ending, I owe you a book and yes you can quote me. Elizabeth Owen’s Bad Blood is written in a different light and I am more appreciative of the ending more because of the slow climb.

If nothing else, I hope this book tells you that happy endings are not always the end. That tragedy is as common an occurrence as love. I hope it teaches you the value of true friendship and love between spouses. And then I hope it teaches you never to ignore the ramblings of old women no matter how rugged they look. They just might seal the fate of your generation in a Latin phrase.

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