Keepin’ It Real- Leslie Esdaile; Book Review #10

Title: Keepin’ It Real

Author: Leslie Esdaile

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp

Type: Paperback ISBN 0-75820839-6

Completion Time: Two Seatings

Themes: Romance, Success

The back cover of Keepin’ It Real. Intriguing review from R. A. W. Sistaz Reviewers

Natasha Ward has it all; a Lexus, a gorgeous chocolate figure, a successful career in the media industry, two girlfriends that would cross the ocean for her, and the breakthrough she’s been finally waiting for. But that just might be her downfall; she has to pitch her idea to a room full of men who are more interested in playing golf than her genius idea that was born in a boring board meeting with her boss. She might just have signed off her career, but oh well, maybe they’ll like Keepin’ It Real more than she thinks.

So she walks in and pitches her ridiculous idea. In hindsight, it really is not that ridiculous. See Natasha is a black successful mamaa with the body to die for, a skin that’s silky and light, the brains of 3 generations and a successful career. And that’s exactly the problem.


The way the black community is set up makes it almost impossible to find a man who holds his own ground and is not intimidated by her success and keepin’ it real, the ones who are there know it, flaunt it. But once you’ve been through all that, you need something more. So Natasha comes up with the idea to turntables in a TV show nonetheless, where women get to choose the men in ten extremely romantic episodes.

Believe in Your Brand

Enter Tyrell; the only one of his brothers who hasn’t done time doesn’t have kids and is not living with his mother. But there’s an issue, his day job is messing his passion. He wants a record label, he wants to do music, Ty wants to be someone for someone. And after ages of sampling the buffet, he’s finally ready for something more solid, just one meal. However, his lifetime friend/ only financier has to pull out of the business because he needs to accumulate wealth for a future. Ty has to act and fast. So when this TV production casts for parts on the reality TV show, he jumps at the idea.

But the moment he lays eyes on her at the audition, he knows he’s done in. Regardless, the panel loves him and he becomes one of the ten men competing for $250000 and a lady by episode 10. This could set him up for life, his label will finally have the capital it needs, legally, and the mere publicity even if he doesn’t make it to the end, is enough for a while.

But is Ty willing to sacrifice the obvious electric chemistry that e shares with Tash for $250,000? Is he willing to give up his label dream for his family dream? And when they finally get to the music challenge that is his weakness, will he really keep it in his pants? Can he really make it, will he self-select out like Quazar who found his soul mate or will the ladies vote him out because he only has eyes for Tash?

Leslie Esdaile- Sister Got Game

Well, Leslie Esdaile better known as L.A Banks does the book justice. The amount of drama in the book is just enough to make it real and the chemistry just enough to ignite hope. She tells of the struggles African American women face in trying to form a monogamous relationship in their community. Her friends; the expressive artist and the gorgeous successful lawyer also face the same predicament and with beauties such as Kimberly, Tash doesn’t think she has a chance.


And Leslie captures all that in Keepin It Real. It’s a raw, real masterpiece of stories that rarely get written. I really have nothing bad to say about this book. Honestly, I had to study for my CAT, which was extremely difficult as a result, but I just had to get to episode 10. It’s one of the books you can’t put down because the story is so well developed it feels like you are actually living it.

Definitely not love at first sight but with all the promises of a forever. It’s not a happy ever after but a promise of forever together. And did I say it’s not one love story? Multiple characters actually find what they have been looking for and actually form their own little reunion. Kinda reminds me of My Coffee Man.

PS: Keepin’ it real (the name of the show) is such a massive hit that everyone wants a piece of. It actually sets the precedence of all the reality shows that summer. Now the whole boardroom wants a reunion show and Tash is considering calling it quits at her successful firm. After years of having it all, she’s finally Keepin’ it Real with her man with hopes of a family that actually supports her.

I really can’t wait to read Sister Got Game. To named book: I will look for you, I will find you, I will love you even before I read you and I will review you.

Keepin’ It Real

If nothing else, I hope his book tells you that you can have it all. You really don’t have to settle for less. You can have your man and your Lexus too. I hope it also tells you that a relationship is not the measure of success, that all the barriers in your career are of your own doing. Then I hope you know that friends are important, if not more than chemistry and that your dreams really are valid. I hope you find in that book’s world the zeal to do what it takes to launch your label. Coz darling, someone out there is looking specifically for you, so just do you. Continue keepin’ it real. Don’t compare yourself to that selfie on the gram, you are ambitious and your brain is full of brain.

NB: I wrote the review in present tense because I believe an author’s work lives on years after they leave earth. So long Leslie 🍷.

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