My Coffee Man- Ana Ortega; Book Review #9

Title: My Coffee Man

Author: Ana Ortega

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Type: E-book

Completion Time: 3 days

The cover page- My Coffee Man

Not your typical fictional romance, not your typical book review. Initially, I thought this would be a girl-meets-boy and they-live-happily-ever-after book, but it wasn’t. It was much more than that. It’s everything you need to kickstart your life. You need just the perfect little dose of My Coffee Man to spur on.

Ana Ortega tells her own story, from her perspective. She retells events from an insider’s point of view like she is living the book. Funnily, this makes it much more interesting, real and emotional. You rarely see that perspective because love stories are often from an outsiders view with supposed snippets from the protagonists’ minds.

Ana Ortega is an incredible author. She actually took her time to write a story that has not been told from a different perspective. Yes, you can have it all; peace, love, a coffee man, a successful career, inner peace… you just have to know when and where to take the opportunities life affords you. Also, the screenplay adaptation won Cannes screenplay competition.


Before Your Coffee Man

At a time in her life when everything is sailing along perfectly, Anna’s 15-year relationship isn’t. As she launches her next career move, she suddenly seems to realize that a lot is wrong and she really doesn’t have it all. So she doubles her effort into making her relationship work. And it’s really hard coz apart from the aroma of freshly baked coffee that’s usually on her bedside table when she wakes up, nothing else is really worth a smile.

As much as Ana can, she cannot make it work. And the final straw is when she wakes up and there’s no freshly baked coffee aroma. Actually, that’s just the first undone thread. But purchase the book and know what finally triggers the change.

The man she’s trying so hard to be the perfect partner to, even when his parents do not really understand her career somehow forgot to mention a three-day trip. After 15 years? And finally, she lets it flow. Ana realizes she misses wearing heels, being told she’s beautiful and smart, and she can conquer the world.

More often than not, you are so focused on being perfect that you forget to be normal. See every woman wants it all; a career, a loving husband, beautiful kids, a sapiosexual connection… when you have been in a relationship for long and these things are no longer as noticeable, you try to make it work. But sometimes it’s just time to move on. You do not have to settle for comfort when you can have your cake and eat it.

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The Coffee Man

For the love of Coffee

Enter Rob, the coffee man who designs lily buildings and has impeccable style. A chance encounter leads Ana to a café with a romantic barista who loves love. Needless to say, the connection with her new coffee man is intense and fills the void, creates a new memory. See, when you let go of the hurt, the universe actually aligns to your advantage.

But first, you have to actually let go. Throw out that bike you bought because you thought cycling in the mountains with your partner will be awesome couple connection activities. Or the credit card you recently just took out after she maxed out even your emergency fund just so she can have the perfect baby shower for the gram.


Let go, Let the Universe

You have to cut out the toxicity in your life to attract your goals and this not only applies to relationships. Furthermore, you only need to look inward to find what you need. You are who you’ve been looking for and once you learn to appreciate spending time with yourself, others also will.

Learn to be the friend you desperately need. Coz then and only then will you attract positive energy and if you not there yet, you can play pretend till you actually believe it. Kids do it all the time, and see how happy they are? And stop doubting the good because it came easy, not everything is a struggle especially when you open yourself up to new opportunities.

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One Bad Thing

Nonetheless, the very trait that made me loooove this book was a little earth shaking at the beginning. A story always has two sides which makes an observer the perfect storyteller. In this case, Ana is her own storyteller, and introducing Rob was difficult. The little Instagram and social media lifestyle are also so out of tune with the feel of the rest of the book. However, you quickly get accustomed to those arts and actually look forward to them more.

If nothing else, I hope this self-help-romance book shows you that’s it’s okay to have it all even though you have to get out of your comfort zone. That your happiness, peace and success should be your first priority and you should be willing to let go to make room for new memories. Don’t feed rotten plants. Once you outgrow instead of grow-with your partner, it’s time to rediscover yourself. And in that self-discovery journey, you just might find you coffee man, or coffee girl.


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    1. It’s beautiful, and not just because it’s a happy ending, but the lessons in there… You should read it

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