Sister Got Game by Leslie Esdaile- Book Review #14

Title: Sister Got Game

Author: Leslie Esdaile

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp

Format: Paperback ISBN 0785208561

Completion time: 5 hours

Sister got game, I swear she does. It’s extremely rare to fall in love with two consecutive books by the same author. But guuurl, Leslie Esdaile wrote all the right things on this one. You might remember my promise to find Sister Got Game after Keepin’ It Real.

I did get it.

The cover page

Executive Broke Corporate

Darien Jackson is at the end of her lavish credit financed life. Having been laid from a corporate PR job she cherished Darien cannot afford the personalized car, rent on her apartment or even the most basic of utility bills.

Being the last born of four, Darien was always the apple of her father’s eye and the Jackson with the whole package. A Masters from Duke University, hazel eyes that only accentuate her luscious lips and caramel skin that agrees with the lighting, Darien is a sight to behold.

It doesn’t help that she works out, her nails always French manicured, her minks a fortune and she often shops at Fendi. But with no job and that boujee lifestyle, I just feel like telling she needs to invest in books, Smart Money Woman to be precise.

Saved by a repo man

Enter the hot as hell repo man who has come to pick her car up at 4 am in the morning over late repayments whos mad as hell when she drives off and packs it elsewhere. Maxwell Ferguson is no fool, and he’ll be damned if he lets some deadbeat female no matter how fine dissuade him from his job.

Until she actually turns to explain, an intricately woven web of lies that has him apologizing and feeling protective. So much so that he offers her a deal that lets her PR consult for Allied LLC in exchange for working out a car repayment plan.

And without telling all the other Jacksons; for how was he to explain the executive perks in the contract he just had Arnetta draw up for a temporary consultant?


Sister Got Game

It’s a wakeup call for Darien, and she vows to get her life in order starting with her jewelry and moving across states all the way to Macon. She is hesitant at first having grown up with brothers who always try to swap favours for a booty call but she vows to sweet Mrs. Smith that she will attempt the smart and straight way.

Feeling all grateful to the well-connected repo man who hooked her up with a 10million annual turnover company, she hurries to make a presentation. As fate would have it, the sole detail she didn’t research on, comes to bite her in the Fergusson crowded boardroom. Yes, Maxwell Fergusson is the CEO of the company and as unnerving as that is she manages to impress the brood.

Nonetheless, like all family startups, the first deal is a bit shady and a sensitive spot for the overly attractive CEO who believes that blood is thicker than mud. His mentor got crucified for lending Max a hand which led to his numerous contracts and was the seedling to all his other enterprises superseding his hometown. Kinda reminds me of Trevor Noah’s quote that it’s not enough to offer a black man education, you have to offer him a way to make it work.

More of a father, than his biological father the history between Maxwell Fergusson and his mentor might just be the undoing of the whole PR campaign Darien has been so successful at.

But did everyone jump to their own conclusions way too fast? And is packing the best option seeing that the Fergusson bullhorn Doreetha is already a fan of hers? Was Maxwell way to rush in redesigning the mansion he intended for his parents to match her woman’s tastes? Damned if I tell you.

Leslie Esdaile

Unlike Keepin It Real, Leslie (bless her soul) whipped up a sole couple for this book, surrounded by love, hard work, family and a small community, Macon is the right place to go all out for love. She reinforces the importance of family, that you can have it all, without settling in the same breath she scorns living beyond your means.

Leslie values family unions, Sunday services and even manages to sneak in Doreetha, the ultimate force in her book. I only have good things to say about the 5 hours it took me to get to the ending. And if that doesn’t convince you, the romance is out of this world. Did I say I just googled some of the brands mentioned in there just because? And even found you a cobbler recipe, you’re welcome.

A berry cobbler recipe you should try for potluck

One More Thing

If nothing else, I hope this book tells you that family is worth it no matter and especially if they push you to be better. I hope it tells you that every once in a while, life is unfair, and it almost always never makes sense. But it’s only when you’ve been at the absolute bottom that you can only go up. I hope Sister Got Game motivates you to up your game and check yourself before you go living a life you cannot afford. And I hope you will find your ‘the one’ out doing your business.

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